Have you ever thought about the agreements that you use in dealing with your partners, co-workers, customers and suppliers?  Most of the agreements we use are “boilerplate” agreements, with only a few terms left open for negotiation.  Usually, the party drafting the agreement is considered to have the superior bargaining position and presents the agreement to the other side with a “take it or leave it” attitude. This type of agreement often creates conscious or unconscious feelings of animosity between the parties, which can cause the relationship to break down... Read The Rest →


DOES YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY COMPLY WITH THE LAW? Another social media report by the NLRB offers needed guidance for employer policies The National Labor Relations Board released its second Social Media Report in January of this year providing the General Counsel’s analysis of 14 challenged employer social media policies. On May 30, 2012 the Board released another Report reviewing seven additional employer policies. The new Social Media Report, in its’ entirety (all 24 pages), is attached to this article. The Report reviews specific language contained in social media policies... Read The Rest →