The office of William W. Ballinger, Inc., a professional law corporation, is devoted exclusively to business law.  The office represents businesses and their owners, providing both transactional and litigation services. We counsel businesses on all facets of their operations, from choice of the type of entity to form, to operational issues, to business succession planning and estate planning. The firm also provides litigation services when necessary. For a list of practice areas, click here. For a partial list of past and current clients, click here.



The firm also assists clients who are interested in preparing agreements and forming relationships that reflect the values of the new “sharing” or “collaborative” economy.  These agreements embrace the new economic system that is based on the idea of sharing resources and ideas instead of owning them. They are commonly referred to as peer-to-peer agreements.

We offer a free initial consultation to anyone interested in learning more about these types of agreements and how they can be used to define or re-define how we do business with customers, employees, co-workers, or friends.  For more information about the unique characteristics of these agreements, click here.