In early October, California Governor Jerry Brown signd a variety of important employment and labor-related statutes. Although Gov. Brown vetoed several additional anti-employer measures, this year marks a turning point for employers with workforces in California. It is anticipated that the 2012 legislative session will yield additional proposals that will impose new and probably onerous obligations on employers. The following are the most significant of the measures signed by Governor Brown in 2011.       “Wage Theft Prevention Act of 2011” Creates New Wage Disclosure Requirements and New Penalties for Underpayment... Read The Rest →


DOES YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY COMPLY WITH THE LAW? Another social media report by the NLRB offers needed guidance for employer policies The National Labor Relations Board released its second Social Media Report in January of this year providing the General Counsel’s analysis of 14 challenged employer social media policies. On May 30, 2012 the Board released another Report reviewing seven additional employer policies. The new Social Media Report, in its’ entirety (all 24 pages), is attached to this article. The Report reviews specific language contained in social media policies... Read The Rest →